Hybrid The Rapper


Artist, Writer, Singer


Hybrid the Rapper stands as a pioneering force in the dynamic landscape of hip hop, showcasing unparalleled diversity and creativity. With nearly two decades of music production and an impressive collection of almost thirty albums, he has solidified his presence as a true innovator in the industry.

As the visionary behind Dubtape Records and Dubtape TV, Hybrid the Rapper has always marched to the beat of his own drum, carving out a unique path in the music world. A former member of Basement Upstairs and a current collaborator in the Embercast and Juxtapoze puzzles, he holds the prestigious title of a two-time winner at the Lexington Music Awards in the Best Hip Hop category.

Refusing to be confined to a single genre, Hybrid the Rapper's musical prowess extends far beyond traditional boundaries. From the expansive range of his song content to his exceptional singing abilities and rapid-fire rap delivery, he has seamlessly collaborated with artists across virtually every musical genre. Unapologetically proud of his versatility, Hybrid the Rapper is the embodiment of multi-talent, constantly bridging the gaps between different musical realms.

When it comes to opening doors and pushing boundaries, Hybrid the Rapper is at the forefront of innovation. His name is synonymous with breaking conventions and creating a sound that transcends the limits of hip hop, making him the go-to artist for those seeking a true musical trailblazer.

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