Dubtape Era

Touch Music Group Presents: Dubtape Era

Unveiling a Harmonious Fusion of Talent and Sound
Touch Music Group is proud to announce the birth of a new musical entity: Dubtape Era. In collaboration with the multifaceted artist Chris Ballinger, also known as Hybrid the Rapper, this label imprint is poised to redefine the landscape of the music industry.

The Artistic Alchemy: Chris Ballinger and UCAS Touch
At the core of Dubtape Era lies the dynamic partnership between the versatile artist Chris Ballinger and the creative prowess of UCAS Touch. This fusion of talent is set to create a tapestry of musical excellence. The genres include Hip Hop, R&B, Ballads, Dance Electro Pop, Melodic House, Pop, and Tropical House.

Featured Releases

UCAS Touch Exclusives V1

Featured Remix Artist

Hybrid The Rapper

UCAS Touch