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Welcome to the dynamic world of TMG Life, an imprint label proudly housed under the esteemed Touch Music Group umbrella. At TMG Life, we are dedicated to curating a diverse musical landscape that transcends genres, focusing on the very essence of life itself.

Our flagship brand, L.I.F.E., encapsulates the core of our musical identity, where each letter represents a pillar of our philosophy: Love, Instruction, Faith, and Education. This distinctive approach sets the tone for our entire roster, creating a signature sound that resonates with human experience.

TMG Life takes pride in offering a rich variety of musical styles, showcasing the full spectrum of the human journey. From soul-stirring compositions centered around life, spirituality, and inspiration to the profound beauty of Spoken Word, our L.I.F.E. collection stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression.

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Ann Keller

UCAS Touch

Rick Thomas

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