Rick Thomas Music

Introducing the musical maestro, Rick Thomas, a force to be reckoned with as the Lead Singer and Lead Guitarist of the dynamic Rick Thomas Band. Known for their electrifying rock performances, Rick and his band transcend genres, seamlessly covering hits from Journey to Bruno Mars, Grand Funk Railroad to Jason Aldean, and Chris Stapleton.

But that's not all, Rick Thomas is not just a virtuoso guitarist; he's a North Carolina legend, breaking barriers with his own compositions. And now, in 2023, he takes a giant leap forward with the support of Touch Music Group and the birth of his own imprint brand, Rick Thomas Music.

Under this new label, in collaboration with UCAS Touch, Rick will showcase his prowess in production and composition, weaving a musical tapestry that spans drums, guitar, bass, and keys. The anticipation builds as the partnership between Rick Thomas and Touch Music Group yields nearly 20 original tracks, slated for release in 2024. Get ready for a musical journey that transcends boundaries and defines a new era in Rick Thomas's illustrious career. The future is ablaze with promise, and the stage is set for the rise of Rick Thomas Music.

Featured Releases

So Much Faith

Red Neck Queen

In The Back Woods

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Rick Thomas

UCAS Touch

Ann Keller