Introducing ROWS, the latest imprint from Touch Music Group, where Jazz takes center stage with a unique blend of Richness, Order, Worth, and Substance—forming the essence of our musical philosophy.

In the world of ROWS, Richness signifies the depth and opulence embedded in our Jazz compositions. Each note, each rhythm, and every melodic nuance is crafted to immerse listeners in a lavish auditory experience that transcends the ordinary.

ORDER is the backbone of our musical structure. It represents the meticulous arrangement and precision woven into the fabric of our Jazz creations. ROWS takes pride in presenting Jazz that is not just free-form expression, but a harmonious journey guided by deliberate arrangements and thoughtful design.

Worth in ROWS stands for the inherent value we place on authenticity and musical significance. Every piece produced under this imprint carries a sense of worthiness—a testament to the dedication we invest in preserving the essence of Jazz while pushing its boundaries into new and exciting territories.

In the world of ROWS, Substance is the heart and soul of our Jazz expression. It signifies the meaningful and profound content embedded in our compositions. Each track is a narrative, a story told through the language of Jazz, exploring the depths of emotions and experiences.


Explore the diverse styles of Jazz within the ROWS imprint:

Dance or DJ Jazz:
Get ready to move as ROWS brings you Jazz that's infused with infectious rhythms and beats, perfect for the dance floor or a DJ's seamless mix.

Contemporary Jazz:
Experience the evolution of Jazz with our Contemporary Jazz offerings, where traditional elements meet modern influences for a fresh and innovative sound.

Instrumental Grooves:
Immerse yourself in the instrumental magic of ROWS, where grooves take center stage, creating a captivating musical journey without the need for words.

Urban Jazz:
Feel the pulse of the city with Urban Jazz, a fusion of Jazz elements with the vibrant energy of urban landscapes, reflecting the dynamic spirit of metropolitan life.

Vocal Jazz:
Let the power of the human voice take you on a lyrical journey with our Vocal Jazz compositions, where soulful melodies and captivating lyrics come together in perfect harmony.

ROWS by Touch Music Group invites you to embrace Jazz in all its facets—expressive, dynamic, and always rich in the elements that define its essence. Welcome to a new era in Jazz, where Richness, Order, Worth, and Substance converge to create a musical landscape like never before.

Featured Releases

Rows V2

Ancient Sunset

TMG Golden Jazz


Featured Remix Artist

Ann Keller

UCAS Touch

Kori Cira