TMG -Sound of Salvation

Welcome to  world of  Sound of Salvation, an imprint label proudly housed under the esteemed Touch Music Group umbrella. This brand is dedicated to focusing on the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, from sin to eternal life.

The Sound of Salvation serves as the Touch Music Group Imprint dedicated to the publication of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Gospel, Praise and Worship, Rhythm and Praise, and Spirit based Instrumental music under the auspices of Touch Music Group. 

Offering a rich variety of musical styles, showcasing the full spectrum of the the Christian Walk.  Expressing soul-stirring compositions centered around life, spirituality, and inspiration to the profound beauty of Spoken Word.

Featured Releases

CCM Gold Edition

Front Page Life Stories

Rain Down on Me


Believers Series #100


Featured Sound of Salvation Artist

Ann Keller

UCAS Touch