Touch Music

"Embark on a musical journey with us at Touch Music, where our passion is to serve people through the extraordinary power of music. Established by the visionaries Will Wilson and Scott Oliver, Touch Music is not just a label; it's a commitment to stir the creative spirit within, entertain with soulful rhythms, and harness the healing essence of music for hearts and minds.

At Touch Music, we specialize in two unique brands dedicated to the rich tapestry of Urban, Soul, Motown, Blues, Steppers, and various other African American music genres. Our mission is clear: to touch people through the universal language of music, inspiring creativity, and bringing joy to every beat.

Join us on this harmonious adventure as we strive to make a difference, one melody at a time. Let Touch Music be the soundtrack to your moments, weaving emotions and connecting souls through the magic of sound. Together, let's celebrate the diverse rhythms of life and spread the uplifting vibes of Touch Music."

Featured Releases

Embracing Black Music V1

Urban Breakdown #3

TMG Golden Soul

Featured Remix Artist

Ann Keller

Charnetta Harper

Dom Kimbrough

Alex Caldwell

UCAS Touch